IPN Cape Town 1 South Africa


IPN Cape Town 2 South Africa


IPN Windhoek 1 Namibia


IPN Gaborone 1 Botswana


IPN Maputo 1 Mozambique


IPN Cape Town 3 South Africa


IPN Windhoek 2 Namibia


IPN Gaborone 2 Botswana


IPN Maputo 2 Mozambique


Southern Africa Finale South Africa


End of the Year
Tournament Tunisia


Compete All Year Round

Everyone is invited to participate; the IPN Tennis Tour welcomes competitive men and women.

1st-Round Losers
$250 2nd-Rounders
$500 QuarterfinalistsQuarters
$750 Semifinalists
$1000 Runner-up
$1500 Winner

As a means of growing all participants watching the finals, all players are paid in cash during the final match ceremony on Saturdays.

Come and feel the surge of adrenaline as tennis balls rebound off rackets, hear the echo of every hit, and celebrate every score.

Thrive in the Game

The IPN Tennis Tour aims to promote, grow, and cultivate the game in Southern Africa whilst promoting diversity and intercultural relations with the Japanese.


Bringing the undying spirit of Japan into tennis in Africa. We are growing tennis in Southern Africa with the aspirations of this area becoming the host of the 5th Grand Slam!

Singles Tournament Rules

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Frequently Asked Questions

The IPN Tennis Tour offers an open platform for all enthusiasts to play, learn, and improve through challenging tennis competitions.

The first round consists of 32 players. Start earning money from first round wins.
44% of the draw has a bias for players from the countries of South Africa, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia & Japan. 56% of the draw has a bias towards being international.
Regular tournament format: Best of 3 sets, no ads, 3rd set super tiebreak
Semi-Finals & Finale format changes: Regular best of 3 set matches with ads; so third set full set.

The first IPN Tennis Tour event is 
set for April 7, 2024.


A Great Opportunity To Test Your Resolve & Grow Your Tennis

Become an IPN Player to participate in tournaments throughout the year and compete for glory, triumph & victory.


Each Tournament


Annual Tour Finale

Additional Perks

The three IPN players, under the age of 26, holding the highest ranks at the end of 2025, will also receive IPN sponsorship for:

8 weeks on futures circuit
6 weeks fully sponsored at Tipsarevic Academy
Access to an ATG coach for 6 weeks

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Dingles is a game that accommodates four players per court, incorporating elements of both singles and doubles play. Players begin on the baseline, each initiating a “singles” point by simultaneously feeding a ball to the opposing crosscourt. This action commences two concurrent rallies. The rallies continue until one player misses, at which point they are required to call out “Dingles!” After this, the remaining ball in play transitions into a doubles point that involves all four players. The play continues until the point concludes.
In order to score, a team must triumph in both elements – that is, they must secure victories in both the singles and doubles points.


Dingles on This Side of Town

What is Dingles
Dingles is a game to play with four players per court where you combine singles and doubles play.
16 Pair Main Draw
Starting on the Wednesday of every tournament week after the singles matches. One round a day, thus the final will be on Saturday before the singles final.
Best of three sets; each set being first to 12 points with no ads at 11/11.
Prizes Available
The winning pair will be awarded $144 each whilst the runner-up pair is exempt from tournament entry fees for the next IPN event they participate in.

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